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Are there any leftovers in the kitchen?

Aisle Mine was created to showcase the wonderful diverse generation stories of our wonderful culinary community we show up to co-create every single day. 

We live in a time where it’s easy to fall into a pattern of being transactional. However, through Shared humanity, connections, we are all connected, we go through the same things. Life isn’t always easy and happy it isn’t supposed to be. The struggles shape us into who we are. How we respond to struggles, and how we use resilience, compassion, and love to let others know they are okay. 

Food and beverage are ingredients we have in our everyday lives that leave us feeling nourished, connected, and abundant with ourselves and others. We want to build a mindful community that leans on food and beverage as a guide towards diversity, inclusion, and healing. 

The Essential Cooking Experience

Learn New Skill

Cooking is an essential life skill. Join our free community classes to learn from renowned Chefs from all over the world.


Cook with your friends or complete strangers. Deep connections are built when you break bread together.

Fill The Travel Void

Roam virtually anywhere with Aisle Mine. We work with a number of Chefs from all over the world.

Support Chefs

Aisle Mine is creating opportunities for Chefs from all over the world, right from their kitchens.

Have a Blast!

Ultimate goal is unwind and have fun! Chef lead experiences combined with beverages and games make for a memorable event.

Meet the founder: Kiana

Kiana Estevez is an Afro-Latina founder, who’s determined to create inclusive and empathetic solutions through food experiences. She created Aisle Mine, a social food movement, empowering people to step outside of their comfort zones, and equalizing cultural differences through community experience.

Behind The Scenes

Alexis Lopez

Alexis Lopez

LinkedIn Strategists and Partnerships

Astrology sign: Cancer: Water sign ruled by the Moon Favorite dish: That's so hard! Lately obsessed with authentic ramen.

Helder Rosa

Helder Rosa

Sales and Outreach

Astrology sign: Scorpio Favorite dish: Bone in Rib-eye with a side of sautΓ©ed veggies

Jenny Tungsubutra

Jenny Tungsubutra

Content and Sales

Astrology Sign: Cancer Favorite Dish: Arepas... preferably stuffed with LOTS of maduros, guacamole and some kind of meat!

Tarun Sehgal

Tarun Sehgal

Product Manager and Web

Astrology sign: Sagittarius Favorite dish: Khichdi and Noodles of any kind

Marissa McMinn

Marissa McMinn


Astrology sign: Cancer sun, Leo rising, Aries moon Favorite dish: Elotes!

Rachel Buchwalter

Rachel Buchwalter


Astrology sign: Pisces Favorite dish: Tough one... Kale salad with pine nuts, currants, and champagne lemon emulsion. A good falafel!

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We are driven by values

Our community mixes the tangible with intangible in each experience. We are creators who choose to see meaning and make things happen. The self realization we experience in the kitchen is liberating, why not celebrate that with others.