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Redefining Your Relationship to Food with Jessica Jaeger
Intuitive Eating and Building Healthy Relationships with Food

Our founder Kiana Estevez sits down with dietician Jessica Jaeger to discuss intuitive eating and forming healthier relationships with food.

Ending the Wage Gap in the Hospitality Industry

The industry as a whole proved to be a cornerstone of our covid-19 survival plan. However, some workers faced a long standing wage gap earning cents on the dollar compared to their colleagues.

Leveling the Playing Field with Chef Amy Coram Reynolds

Our founder, Kiana Estevez, sits down with Chef Amy Coram Reynolds to talk about gender equity in the hospitality industry, starting your own business during a pandemic, and creating a new paradigm fo…

Chef Adrian Kombe
Refreshing Your Passion for Food with Chef Adrian Kombe

Our founder Kiana Estevez sits down with Chef Adrian Kombe to talk about food as a Rosetta Stone and rediscovering your passions after a year on repeat.

collard greens
From Athens, Greece to Athens, Georgia: The History of Collard Greens

In honor of our 1st birthday, Aisle Mine is hosting a special giveaway with Rosey Blooms. Enter now for your chance to win a jar of savory, home made, nourishing collard greens. The Dinosaur of Edible…