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Meet Our Chefs

Adrian Sullivan

Columbus, OH

From the age of 11, his mother instilled the value of cooking from the heart. Adrian has been recognized as a 2020 Next Up Columbus Award recipient for his work in diversity and inclusion through food.

For Chef Adrian, focusing on the often overlooked gems run by women and minorities in and around Columbus is a rewarding challenge.

My Go-To Dish


Bernardo La Rosa

Lima, Peru

Bernardo La Rosa is a young chef based in Lima Peru, who has been surrounded by the gastronomic and food environment his entire life.
His father is a chef in Peru and has worked in several restaurants, food blogs, and gastronomic magazines and newspapers.

My Go-To Dish

Always having as a guide and principle the traditional, typical and classic cuisine from his beautiful country PERU especially ceviche!

Coletta Zu

Zurich, Switzerland

When Coletta was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she started cooking to experiment with dishes that could benefit her health.

Coletta is fluent in both German and English.

Go-to Dish

Classic pasta dish named älplermagronen. This is a Swiss pasta dish made by layering pasta and potatoes with cheese, caramelized onions, and more.

Elise Tringale

Boston, Massachusetts

Elise was a Teaching Assistant for three cooking classes in high school and for six cooking classes at Boston University. She loves to fish, hike with her dog, and practice yoga. 

She is currently an Inside Sales Manager at a woman owned food distribution company, Dole and Bailey. In her role, she connects chefs at hotels, restaurants, and country clubs to true farm-to-table opportunities with farmer partnerships.

Go-to Dish

Elise is interested in sustainability is always excited about ecologically friendly food that puts her in direct contact with the farmers who grow it.

Dhruti, Kinjal & Vrinda

San Francisco, CA

Run by a mother-daughter trio!

Dhruti has been an experimental chef for the past 30 years and started documenting her recipes when her daughters moved out to college.

Kinjal is an award-winning photographer and MD-in-the-making, and Vrinda is an avid writer and computer scientist. 

Together, they create, document, and savor healthy, quick, and flavorful recipes.

Go-to Dish

Every recipe we teach is a fusion of fresh California produce and spices from around the world, especially from the Indian subcontinent.

Gianna Stanley

San Francisco, CA

Gia’s nana was the chef of her house and her repertoire ranged from cooking up hearty Chilean classics to making the very best ham and cheese sandwich. When you grow up with an incredible cook in the family life can go one of two ways—you can join in the kitchen and learn your family’s recipes, or, like Gia, you eat incredible cooked-with-oodles-of-love meals all the time.

Fast forward past graduation and four years as a data analyst turned consultant when Gia realized she was on the wrong career path. After a 14 hour day at work, she would come home and stress cook in the kitchen—the only place she felt a sense of comfort. One day, Gia decided to quit and began volunteering full time at a soup kitchen in Boston. 

That was what made Gia realize that feeding people and sharing her passion for cooking was the path for her. Gia has joined teams of chefs to execute eight dinners at the James Beard House, completed my culinary training with an externship at Blue Hill, NY, and I am now a full-time private chef.

Go-to Dish

Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa (can also do shrimp, chicken, tofu, etc) and Shakshuka easy recipes and simple swaps will help you eat better for both your body and for the planet

Hannah Weinstein

Boston, Massachussetts

Hannah is getting ready to graduate from Boston University’s School of Hospitality Administration program this fall. 

She is currently working for a chef assisting her recipe test for her new cookbook! Hannah is on the path to continue teaching people how to make nourishing food that is both delicious and good for you. 

Go-to Dish

Anything you can bake in an oven!

Itzel Trochez

Nashville, Tennessee

Chef Itzel was born in Puerto Rico and at a young age she knew she wanted to be in the kitchen with her grandmother who was her biggest influence in regards to the cooking and singing. 

She was a grant recipient which gave her the opportunity to study in the states at Johnson and Wales, but met her husband and got married and she’s been married for almost 20 years and they became pastors and missionaries.

Go-to Dish

Easy recipes inspired by her travels, she has been to 34 countries with pina colada on the side.


New York, New York

By the time she was 12 years old, she was trusted to cook all holiday dinners and summer BBQs. 

Chef LBanks, Founder of “Bitches Love To Eat” started her career as a Host/Personality and Event Coordinator.

She quickly decided that she wanted to cook food her way and by her means. With a following in both entertainment and food she understood at the most authentic level – people not only have to eat but, also love to eat.

Go-to Dish

Being of Haitian descent, LBanks uses the flavors of her childhood to put a Caribbean twist in most of her creative dishes.

Leah Tringale

Medford, Massachusetts

Leah Tringale, MS., is an identical twin who works as Key Account Manager on behalf of Moët-Hennessy and Diageo in Boston. Leah has over seven years of hospitality operational experience—her last operational title being Food and Beverage Manager at The Colonnade Hotel. 

She has also done a takeover for Jon Taffer, host and producer of Bar Rescue.

One of her current passion projects is running for Miss Massachusetts. She loves yoga, cooking, visiting wineries, and locally traveling throughout New England. 

Go-to Dish

Any theme or ingredient you can think of, Leah will turn it into a classy mocktail/cocktail like never before. Her favorite recipes to create with Aisle Mine are:

Banana Flambe Cocktail
Apple Spritz Fall Mocktail
Midnight on Mars Cocktail 

Max Aronson

New York, New York

Max is an openly gay chef who after years of cooking at home, he went to high school at the Bergen County Academies for Culinary Arts and Hospitality Administration where he began working in kitchens like Gramercy Tavern and Untitled at the Whitney.

Max went on to study hospitality at Cornell University in the School of Hotel Administration with a concentration in Beverage Management. He has spent his time learning valuable business strategy and branding skills in the headquarters of Union Square Hospitality Group, and he most recently worked in the Dining Room of Eleven Madison Park in New York City as an Assistant Server.

In 2014, Max competed in the Chopped Teen Tournament.

Go-to Dish

Max loves cooking and baking with fresh seasonal flavors, and he makes a killer Chocolate Babka.

Suphada Rom

Vermont, Massachusetts, & New Hampshire

Suphada Rom is a private chef and sommelier with a decade of food, wine, and hospitality experience. 

Suphada is well-versed in meal planning, exploring flavors from global cuisines, sourcing quality produce and minimizing food waste, while seeking out wines from around the world.

Go-to Dish

Max loves cooking and baking with fresh seasonal flavors, and he makes a killer Chocolate Babka.