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Kitchens After Covid: 3 Ways Design Has Changed

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Over a year of time in our homes has passed, and data suggests that many of us won’t be leaving our home offices for a 9-5 any time soon. Check out our top 3 suggestions to reshape your kitchen design for life after quarantine.

The End of the Open Floor Plan?

Wide, open spaces have been a major feature of homes since the early 1990s as multipurpose space that gives us both function and entertainment.

However, a lack of walls can lead to a lack of privacy in a time that had many of us working from home. Many families are opting for spaces that can transform throughout the day but provide needed privacy for Zoom calls. Enclosing kitchens into their own space gives privacy for calls during the day and an oasis for cooking together in the evening.

Our Pick:

Wide open kitchens with multi-functional seating. Convert your breakfast nook into the perfect home office or study corner.

Build Your Own Kitchen

All of our time spent staring at our kitchen cabinets lead to so many DIY projects, Ikea’s whole distribution supply chain was thrown into chaos. Because of the increased time on our hands and inability to recruit professional help, many have turned to online retailers and Youtube tutorials to make the kitchen of their dreams.

Our Pick

Pushka Home offers a range of kitchen knobs and drawer pulls. From eclectic to sleek modern, they offer affordable options for any taste.

No Germs Allowed

Dishwashers and washing machines face higher demands than ever before. Research suggests that more pandemics may be ahead of us, and it never hurts to be prepared. Our cleaning gadgets evolved in 2020 and sanitizing dishwashers are no longer for commercial use only.

Our Pick

We love this option from Home Depot. It’s a sleek, elegant, germ killing beast.

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