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A Dessert Guide For Your Fellow Sweet Tooths, Aisle Mine Edition

A famous saying once said, there is ALWAYS room for dessert.  

Whether your Valentine’s is filled with a myriad of Italian carbohydrates, all-you-can-eat sushi, Asian BBQ, Arepas, or any other type of global cuisine, true foodies know to never turn down an opportunity for dessert.  That being said, there are a plethora of different ways you can enjoy your dessert, in addition to the different types of company you choose to enjoy your dessert with.  As the global pandemic continues, allow Aisle Mine to help you navigate a way around your sweet tooth necessities.  

  1. For that special someone: Truffles from The Best Chocolate In Town

Forrest Gump once said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.”.  

It’s time to surprise your special someone with the classic go-to Valentine’s Day gift: a classic box of chocolates.  These particular truffles never disappoints, and with the variety from The Best Chocolates In Town, a local business in Indianapolis, you can try a bunch of different flavors such as white chocolate cheesecake, dark chocolate raspberry, birthday cake and other seasonal flavors!  

Check out their full collection here, and remember, whether it is Valentine’s Day or NOT, you are never chocoLATE for a box of truffles.

  1. For your friends: Red Velvet Cookies & Triple Chocolate Cookies from Sweet i.n.c

Who are the real ones you want to have a nice and cozy night in with a cup of milk and cookies on the side? 

Fulfill your cookie cravings from Sweet i.n.c., owned by the lovely and talented baker, Funke, located in Woburn, Massachusetts.  Funke’s website presents a variety of flavors from the classic oatmeal raisin to decorated sugar cookies, as well as seasonal flavors such as these AMAZING Valentines Day sets of Red Velvet Cookies and Triple Chocolate Cookies.  Cookies are the perfect for sharing among friends, whether it’s on-the-go in a road trip or just a cozy movie night spent indoors. 

  1. For those group-based settings: At Home Doughnut Kits from The Original Pretzel Doughnut 

Whether it’s your turn to treat your co-workers, celebrate the end of a group project, or are immersed in any other group-based setting which calls for a sweet snack, a box of donuts would certainly be one to lighten up the scene.

The Original Pretzel Doughnut, based out of New York provides a selection of at home Pretzel Doughnut kits. That way, you can add a personal and sweet touch to them (and, in a global pandemic, you don’t need to go out to wait in those super long lines).  By choosing from their delicious flavors: original, chocolate chip, cinnamon sugar, s’mores and of course, there is even a Valentine Day set when you want to show your love for all the groups in your life.  Get these (w)HOLEfoods from Etsy here.

  1. For that crush you want to impress: Macarons from Boston BonBon and Amanda’s Macaron Shoppe

Present your crush that fancy box of macarons as if you just got off the plane from Paris or finished a shopping trip down SoHo.  Pick and choose their favorite colors, favorite flavors and customize them the way you know they’d like it (I like mine with sprinkles and faces iced onto them). Even better, if you go on a coffee date anytime soon, these would make the perfect afternoon tea snack for you two to share. Boston BonBon and Amanda’s Macaron Shoppe both ship these French delicacies nationwide, to the comfort of your crushes home. 

  1. For your beloved mom: Hot Cocoa Bombs from Kim’s Candy Buffet

Let mom relax and take a break from being mom for a bit by letting her enjoy her cuppa hot chocolate.  All it is is a singular plop of a delicious hot cocoa bomb into her warm cup of milk.  Kim’s Candy Buffet can deliver this warm smile to your mom’s face with her gorgeously decorated hot cocoa bombs.  Located in Burlington, Massachusetts, the sweet and talented owner Kim creates the most beautifully customized hot cocoa bombs such as her Valentine’s Day Heart Shaped Cocoa Bombs, New Year’s hot cocoa bombs or any combination for you and mom to enjoy and spend some quality bonding time together over your hot cuppa chocolates. 

Valentine’s Day or not, desserts are always a good option.  Conversations such as choosing what type of cake to get your significant other for their birthday, what to bake for a friends potluck, how to fulfill your mom’s sweet tooth cravings, are all examples of legitimate and meaningful conversations that an Aisle Mine experience can help provide you with a solidified decision. With the expertise of talented chefs, fellow passionate foodies (and sweet tooths), and a warm community, the Aisle Mine experience is here to help you navigate your way around your food choices.  

Not enough vegan, gluten-free or dietary restrictions in the dessert selection?  We can help you with that, as well as how to customize your food to perfectly fit your (and any of your loved ones) taste buds. 

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