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The Food Faultlines Podcast

Join our host, Kiana Estevez, on a bi-weekly journey interviewing food and beverage creators from around the world.

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Season 2

A Plantfull Poddie with Chef Diana Moga

Get ready for Chef Diana to bring your culinary taste buds all the way to Germany for a trip surrounded by her mouthwatering and inspiring vegan recipes. It is experts like her that show proof of how being vegetarian/vegan involves colorful, local, healthy and above all variety, in her meals. Will 2022 be the year that you experiment and build a new identity with a dietary change? Perhaps Chef Diana can provide you with a few lifelong benefits, and how to adapt to feeling (plant)full with vegan dishes… after all, she has published 250 vegan recipes!

The Creative Classroom with Chef Erica Wides

Passed down from her mother, Chef Erica shares with us some passed down culinary tips and tricks as a cooking instructor for the range of private clients she serves, from consulting projects to product developers. In addition to cooking, Erica is an educator in the food space and provides tips for how to go about common food-related inquiries such as picking the best fresh produce from the farmer’s market, storing frozen foods and helping people develop their food-related ideas.

Season 1

You & Me Talk Gluten Free with Chef Benita Gomez

With the plethora of gluten-free options available in today’s world, celiac chef Benita Gomez explains about how she took advantage of an opportunity when diagnosed with this chronic illness. Got a chocolate or sweet craving? Tune into hearing more about Gomez’s journey into producing chocolates, confections and pastries for those with allergen restrictions and dietary needs.

Infus(ion)ed with Chef Adrian Kombe

As a mixed race chef, Adrian Kombe explains how his cooking endeavors include a wide variety in his flavor profile. From his Zambian and German heritage to cuisines of his fascination such as Korean and Vietnamese dishes, Kombe highlights how culture really can be intertwined into the food we eat.

Yes We CANnabis with Chef Teyna Clevinger

Feel like a lil something is missing from your day-to-day cooking? Tune into private chef Teyna Clevenger and how she brings her niche kitchen flavors to the undeniable booming cannabis industry. Clevenger explains to us the challenges as well as the benefits she faces in the big world of cannabis.

Hot (Saucin) It Up with Chef Amy Coram Reynolds

The hustle and bustle of CIA (Culinary Institute of America) graduate chef Amy led her to do catering during the weekend while also, launching her own hot sauce! Need a little something to spice up your day? Tune in to listen to how Reynolds’ entrepreneurial spirit led her to success in the condiment industry.

Net-WORK it with Chef Steven McIntyre

The power of networking as a fellow connection led chef Steven McIntyre to nothing short of outstanding opportunities in the food and beverage industry. From modernized social media to the old fashioned word of mouth, listen to hear about how authentic networking can lead to pure success.

A Wise Dietician Once Told Me… with Dietician Jessica Jaeger

The journey from overcoming an eating disorder to nourishing your body should never be one to embark on your own. Dietician Jessica Jaeger explains how important it is to know your own body and its’ relationship with food, and the coping mechanisms she used throughout her own journey.

Bop to the Top with Chef Keesha, The Gourmet Diva

Having taken a turn onto a completely different career path from an engineer to a chef, the entrepreneurial spirit of Chef Keesha is what really helped her navigate around finding out what her true passion truly is. Whether food is just a form of pleasure or a life long career you want to pursue, tune in to help yourself figure out how you want to live your best foodie life.

Let’s Spill Some American Liber(tea) with Elliana Lee

Korean-American chef Eliana Lee explains how the transition from childhood to adulthood helped her understand more about ‘American’ cuisine. There truly are a myriad of cultures that encompass what makes up the America we live in today.