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Show and Talent – Intro to Digital Privacy Mocktail Recap

“Any plans for Friday night?” 

Remember when that question used to bounce around commonly during ‘normal’, pre-covid  times?  As we progress into the second year of the pandemic, Friday night plans have shifted from bars to virtual happy hours, dessert store hopping to baking at home, casino nights to board games with family and friends, movie theatre nights to Netflix in bed.  

Aisle Mine is a social food movement which empowers people to step outside their comfort zones and equalize cultural differences through a diverse cooking experience. Our events are flexible and could be for a virtual networking space, and we can adapt to the needs and wants of our attendees.  That being said, Aisle Mine also provides you with the opportunity to enjoy many of these ‘Friday’ night plans intertwined into one single night event, such as how this one provided a story based cooking experience.  Besides staying COVID safe, getting to connect with an equally passionate community, you get a meaningful experience and leave the session with skills to equip you for a lifetime. 

Friday, February 5th was the perfect example of this story based cooking experience.  Chef Adrian Sullivan of Sulli’s Kitchen taught us how to prepare a decadent “White Russian Mocktail”, a combination of cold brew coffee, vanilla paste, sugar, caramel sauce and heavy cream.  As a HUGE iced coffee lover and sweet tooth, this drink was right up my alley.  Shoutout to Chef Adrian and Aisle Mine for providing me with last minute cooking tips for all those girls nights in!

After Chef Adrian’s workshop, O’Shea Bowens, cyber security enthusiast with 11 years of technical experience opened up a discussion and Q&A about a topic incredibly relevant in today’s world (especially during a global pandemic): Digital Privacy.  This topic was evidently very applicable to people of all demographics, especially as the world we live in is transitioning to become more digitized than ever before.  Thanks to the internet, we become more and more interconnected, particularly during times like these when we are not able to physically see and interact with our loved ones, but at the same time, it can be a dangerous place if you don’t know how to protect your digital footprint.  Thanks to this workshop, O’Shea taught us how to implement protective measures in today’s world, such as how-to protect ourselves online, how-to stay anonymous and what hackers are looking for.

Cyber Security training is something which young children begin learning about in middle school with cartoon videos from YouTube, but as we get older, this topic becomes more and more relevant as we hear stories from people we know personally, and of course, as we experience it ourselves.  Having O’Shea, founder and CEO of Null Hat Security (which focuses in the areas of security analytics, threat hunting, cyber threat intelligence, security program operations and cloud security) there to answer all of our questions, concerns and provide life skills and advice to protect our digital footprint was definitely a meaningful and educational takeaway.

Having attended digital privacy workshops from my local library in addition to training modules from my internships, allowed me to believe I was to some extent, knowledgeable in this field.  That was until l I started facing incidents in the real world myself and noticed a few puzzle pieces inside my head still weren’t in place. The examples that O’Shea brought up such as walking past Macy’s and then seeing a bunch of ads pop up the next day were legitimately scary (and real), and other concerns attendees raised such as not knowing what to do when apps asked for your location, were also concerns touched upon by O’Shea.  What I love about being in a safe space like Aisle Mine was knowing that I wasn’t alone.  In this sense, not being the only one who lacked a great deal of knowledge on this topic, or one who had been scared when going through security incidents for the first time.  O’Shea’s expertise, Adrian’s mocktail workshop, along with the comfort from the Aisle Mine community provided me with life lessons that I never would have learnt in the (virtual) classroom (I’m still in college, so I go to these almost everyday).

It is the ‘show and talent’ of individuals like Chef Adrian Sullivan and Cyber Security Enthusiast O’Shea Bowens that allow Aisle Mine to bring you these story based experiences from the comfort of your own homes. Gain some last minute cooking tips from the talented and welcoming community at Aisle Mine, and learn about how they can provide you skills to last you a lifetime. Sign Up Now! 

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