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5 Tips for Grilling Season

If you live in the northern hemisphere, the warmest part of the year is right around the corner! Read on for 5 tips to maximize flavor in your next grilled dish.

Remember to Flip

The old adage that meat only needs to be flipped once may not be as true as we thought. According to Chef Harold McGee, frequent flipping can protect the meat from drying out and may improve its’ texture.

Flipping the meat multiple times allows even heat distribution on both sides so it cooks faster with a lower chance of overcooking.

Leave it Slightly Undercooked

Meat continues to cook for as long as 20 minutes after being removed from the grill through a process called carryover cooking. During the grilling process, heat is being stored inside the meat and released over time afterwards. The thicker the cut of your meat, the more heat is building up in the center.

However, even after you’ve stepped away from your grill, the slowly dispersing heat is changing the texture of your dish. Try removing your meat from the grill and leaving it more rare so it can complete the carryover cooking process and achieve your ideal texture.

Get Your Veggies

Any vegetable is even tastier with the rich, smoky flavor your grill provides. Prep your veggies as follows:

  • Bell peppers: Seed and quarter.
  • Onions: Peel and quarter through the root.
  • Yellow squash, zucchini, and eggplant: Cut lengthwise into meaty, steak-like rectangles.
  • Cremini mushrooms: Remove stems and halve, if large.
  • Asparagus: Trim the woody ends.
  • Tomatoes: Buy small tomatoes still on the vine, if you can, and keep them intact so the stem acts as a handle for moving blistered tomatoes from the grill.

Remember to Rest

Allow your meat to sit undisturbed and unsliced for about 15 minutes. This allows it to complete the carryover cooking process and redistribute the juices for maximum flavor.

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